Tuesday, September 29, 2015

The last leg of a long road...

The Death of Dulgath is in it's final stages.  The copy edits have been turned in by our three great editors: Laura Jorstad, Linda Branam, and Paul Witcover.  Robin is hard at work combining all their comments into one file so I can easily approve/reject what they've suggested.

We've also put the entire book into InDesign, the program that allows the creation of the files for the printer. They are standing ready  and as soon as the file goes out we'll be putting together the ebook.

At the same time, the final copy will be going to Audible so they can prepare for Tim Gerard Reynold's recording (occurring in mid-November).

For those who don't know, we had a pretty difficult deadline for this book, mainly due to the The First Empire which will start coming out next June. Basically we needed to get the book released before the end of the year so that it wouldn't conflict with Age of Myth (which is now live for pre-ordering) by the way.

While I suspect I'll be able to fulfill pre-orders before the online stores, here are the official release dates that have been posted:

  • ebook - November 16th
  • Hardcover - Dec 1st
  • Audio - December 15th
Currently we have 1,871 people who have either pre-ordered through my page, or are part of the Kickstarter. Not a bad send off for the pair.  If you are interested in pre-ordering a copy for yourself. Here are some of the links that are available now, and there will be more coming soon:

UK: Kindle | Audio

NOTE: We're working on getting print distribution in the UK, Europe and Australia. I'll post about it when I know more. (Which means when Robin has it all buttoned up and let's me know).


  1. What do you mean "send off for the pair"? o_O

  2. if i order from your store will it ship to the uk?

  3. What is included in the special edition that differs from the hardcover?

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