Monday, October 31, 2016

A little witchy introduction for Halloween

For anyone who has started my new series, Legends of the First Empire, you may have seen some references to the Tetlin Witch. If you are familiar with how I write stories, then you must know that you'll be learning more about her as the tale unfolds. But given that her name is often used as a curse, you probably already have the impression that she's not well liked. In fact, she probably runs a close race with Grombach (who you'll meet this summer in Age of Swords) for person you'd least like to run into on a dark stormy night...or...well...anytime really. Since it's Halloween and all manner of ghosts, ghouls, and witches are taking center stage, I thought I would share a poem about her, which you actually won't see until the fourth book of the series. I hope you'll enjoy this little sneak peak. 

Oh, and speaking of sneak peaks...if you want to meet Grombach, then please check out my contribution to the Unfettered II anthology put together once more by the amazing Sean Speakman. Grim Oak Press is accepting pre-orders for it now. But that is for another day. For now let's get back to the Tetlin Witch.

Far beyond the woodland hills, beyond mountains vile,
Hidden in a mist-soaked swamp, upon an awful isle.
She haunts the lapping blackened pools, and creeping ivy ways
And there awaits with hair of black and eyes a dismal gray.

She waits they say for time to end, and her life to be through,
Until that time she waits for me, and also waits for you.
Within a hut beside a pool the Tetlin Witch does dwell,
And watches at the fetid pond, the door that leads to Rel.

And there she sits upon her stool beside the very brink,
And watches as the fated fools down in the darkness sink.
Beware the Tetlin Witch my friend, and never go astray,
Beyond the woodland hills, beyond the light of day.

Or you too may find yourself caught up in the mire,
Sinking, screaming uselessly, helpless til you tire.
Then under the muck, under the water, deeper you will go,
Lost forever to a place where only the witch does know.


  1. A character who sounds very ominous! A great sneak peak and I am really looking forward to reading your story in Unfettered II!

    1. Great Peter - The Unfettered anthologies have been so great to be a part of - such an amazing line up of writers. I'm honored to be included.

  2. Great timing! I listened to all of your stories beginning with "Age of Myth" and then the Riyira stories as released. Unable to take the absence of this world, I began "Age of Myth" again yesterday (on Halloween.) I woke just now and came to sit for a few minutes before going back to bed, and the thought, "who IS the Tetland Witch???" got at me. Lol. Adore this world you've created ... and it's characters etc. Please don't make us wait so long for book two of the series.

    1. Hey Lisa, so glad you are enjoying the stories. Book #2 got delayed because after I turned in book #1 I had some pretty major work to do on books #4 - #6. That took almost a year! Now that those changes are out the way we're working on editing the other books an I'm working with the publisher to try and accelerate the release schedule.