Friday, May 4, 2018

Age of War: The First Review is in!

Advanced reading copies (ARC's) are starting to go out and about in the world, and I just received my first email from a blogger who reviewed Age of War. As you might imagine, being an author with a book coming out soon is a lot like a child waiting on Christmas. I'm excited; I can't wait for the day to arrive, and I want to know what I got!

For authors "what you get" is feedback on whether the book is loved or hated. Now, I must say, that I write books for myself and for Robin, so in many ways I've achieved what I wanted when I finally typed The End, but how could I not care about whether people liked it or not?

The first review posted is on Booknest. It's completely spoiler free, so feel free to jump over and see the whole thing...and check out some of the reviews of other author's books while you are there. The team at the site does an excellent job. Here's my favorite part from all the nice things that were said.
"The worst thing that can happen while reading is to feel nothing.  Stories are ultimately about the people in it and if one does not feel anything, whether it is love or hate, towards the characters then their stories are not likely to stay with you. For all that Sullivan is known for his light-hearted fantasy, he can be downright cruel sometimes.  The war exacted an immense cost on our beloved characters and no one who survived can be said to be the same again. At the end of this book, it is this transformation which sticks in my mind; surely a sign of a tale well-told."
I write books that will hopefully make you feel. The best times (for me) is when I can make you laugh and cry, and if I do it in the course of a single page it's like winning a trifecta. I'm glad that TS enjoyed the book and is looking forward to the next one in the series.


  1. I am so excited! I pre-ordered the audiobook months ago. I have several friends and family reading the series and am on my fourth time through so we can discuss them. I am still suffering from the bad book hangover I had after reading Revelations and can't wait for more.

  2. I received the ebook after pre ordering the hardcover.. The way Sullivan orchestrates these events and character interactions is masterful. Without knowing better, you would have no idea which came first, Revelations or Legends. The legends flow so well with what we know and what we thought we knew about the history of Elan from the events in Revelations. And I must say Age of War left me emotionally drained, but intellectually satisfied. Bring on Age of Legend!


  3. I`m little beyond of the readin of all books but when i find good author to read i can`t stop. Can`t wait to read the books on my language but...maybe i will start read on english?

  4. I`m little beyond of the readin of all books but when i find good author to read i can`t stop. Can`t wait to read the books on my language but...maybe i will start read on english?

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