Digital Reward: The Jester Comic

It's finally done!! And it exceeded my expectations. The digital edition of the Jester comic is available to all Kickstarter members, and you can get your copy by clicking the file format of your choice:

If you didn't buy a print version and want one...or you want more copies than you originally can purchase physical copies with the button below. We're sending the final file to the printer on Monday October 31st, and we'll start shipping as soon as they arrive. The comic will be a limited edition run and contain 24 full-color pages on high gloss paper. It's just $6.00 US, $7.50 Canada, and $9.00 for all other countries. The price includes shipping.


Select Shipping Country:

Oh, and if you like the artwork and want more, please consider backing the Kickstarter for the full-length novel version of The Death of Dulgath. We're already funded, so it WILL be created. At this point we are working on stretch goal bonus materials, and if you want to get in on the exclusive limited edition covers (available only to Kickstarter Backers) you'll have to hurry. The Kickstarter ends November 4th!


  1. In the Kickstarter for the full-length The Death of Dulgath graphic novel, I think they mentioned that since a stretch goal was met, they will now send a print version of The Jester comic too, to everyone who had ordered a print version of the big graphic novel, right? So, if my pledge was on that level, I don't need to order this separately, do I?

    1. The copy from the Death of Dulgath will only happen if it reaches $35,000.

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