Tuesday, May 31, 2011

The New Covers

Orbit has released the official covers for the Riyria Revelations trilogy--the repackaging of the existing series into three books.

The art was done by Larry Ronsant.

The covers are slightly different from the ones previously posted on Stomping on Yeti. Those were pulled from the catalog and Orbit was still tweaking them. These are the final versions and you can also see them on the Orbit site along with their roll-out text, and comments about the art.

So what do you think?


  1. I LOVE them! So nicely done, and wonderfully detailed.

  2. Awesome! It must feel good to see your name down there on the bottom. I'll be waiting out for your cover of Percepliquis, but these are still top notch.

  3. Those are all three pretty cool.

  4. Ooooo... Wonderful! I bet you are thrilled with them. :) And now it feels so alive! Thank you for sharing there. I'm going to have to share them now.

  5. The look great! (Although, I must admit I have a slight preference for your covers, but I totally get why they redid them.)

    I have to say, though, that's not quite how Hadrian looks in my head. Actually, Royce, too. But I never had as clear a picture of him in my head as I did Hadrian.

    Still, those are great covers! I can't wait to have those books in my hands! :-)

  6. I won't lie, I much prefer your covers. They were the reason I read the books in the first place, they are just amazing.

    But these are good as well, I'm looking forward to their release this coming winter!

  7. Hi Michael, since the books have been taken on by a publisher does this mean that the audiobooks will not be released for some time?

  8. I'm with Matt, I prefer your covers, or lacking that I'd have wanted a painted instead of photographic cover. But for what they did these are pretty good and I hope they catch the potential buyers' eye, which I guess is the point. Eager to see these available (along with the single #6...)

  9. Wow. Incredible. You know what I really love? How they incorporated the crown, the crossed swords, and the dragon seals from your original books into the new covers. It feels (at least to me) like a tip of the hat to you personally from the artist. Okay, maybe it's not quite so "hidden meaning" or "secret handshake among artists," but I think the fans who notice will smile at the inclusion.

    I'm excited for you, Michael. Congratulations.

  10. I have to say, I don't like it... but mostly because I already have a picture of Royce and Hardrian in my mind and they look nothing like I had imagined. I'm sure had I seen them before yours and reading it, I would like them much better. Why they no like yours? Sad panda. :(

  11. I would have to say, I love the way the titles are done, but I'm not too much of a fan of the pictures... Sorry... I'm just not too much of a fan of photograph covers, as they spoil the imagination of the characters by giving them a real face... Plus your covers were epic!!!

  12. One of the reasons why I never depicted Royce and Hadrian, or any character from the books on the covers, was to allow the readers to settle on their own images of them. Granted another reason was that I'm not really that good of an artist. I also grew up in a time when fantasy books had more landscapes than characters on the covers.

    Orbit's view on the subject was that the series is more a story of characters than of world building, and I have to agree with them there. So they felt a cover with the main characters would better illustrate the kind of story it is. But thank you all for your praise of my covers, though they are more the result of desperation rather than choice.

    Angel Wings, I actually don't know at this point what Orbit's plans are for the audio rights on the series. I'm not sure they know what they plan on doing just yet. So the short answer is that I wouldn't expect to hear an audio version of the series any time soon.

  13. Hello.
    It´s fantastic, that it came out in this version. I just red the Crown Conspiracy (it came out now in Czech republic)and i´m looking forvard to the second part.
    I like much more your own covers. In my mind the characters look diferent.

  14. Interesting MStajer,

    I have yet to see a copy of the Czech editions, and wasn't aware they had been released. I'll have to talk to my agent. Not that I could read them you understand. Still it is nice to know they are out.

  15. In my imagination, Hadrian and Royce are more weathered and older (I see Hadrian as broader, scruffier, a little rawboned; I see Royce, for some reason, with some gray in his shoulder-length hair, as well as in the whiskers on his chin), less billboard models. Although the artist's rendition of their raiments and the backgrounds and colors, the typography, all the commercial aspects are very good. Bottom line: I definitely plan to buy these, so they work. Thanks for sharing, Michael!

  16. Here is a link, if you vould like to see, how desigened is Crown conspiracy in czech edition.
    In very surprised that nobody told you about that. And i hope everything vill be all right.
    But anyway, internet is aswell a kind of magic, isn´t it?
    Greetings from my family.

  17. I knew they were coming out, and I saw the covers, I just had not heard they were released yet, nor have I seen a physical book.

    Thanks for the link.

    And yes, it is.