Monday, April 25, 2022

Huge Audiobook Series Sale

Audible is having a major sale on series with prices in the $4 - $6 range (significantly below the $15 a month credit fee).  I have not one, or two, but ten, yes 10 titles in this sale. Each is narrated by the amazing Tim Gerard Reynolds (multiple Audible Award nominations and several Earphone Awards). \

 With Farilane coming out in June, I highly recommend digging into the Legends of the First Empire (the series that precedes the Rise and Fall Trilogy).

Here's what is on sale:

Legends of the First Empire (Books #1 - Book #4) - $21 for four books

  • Age of Myth $6
  • Age of Swords: $5
  • Age of War: $5
  • Age of Legend: $5
Riyria Chronicles (All Four books) - $20 for all four books

  • The Crown Tower: $6
  • The Rose and the Thorn: $4
  • The Death of Dulgath: $5
  • The Disappearance of Winter's Daughter: $5
Riyria Revelations (Books #1 & #2) - $9 for 2 books - but each is a 2-book omnibus so that is actually 4 books total.
  • Theft of Swords: $4
  • Rise of Empire: $5
If you've tried just one of my series and enjoyed it, then now would be a great time to try one of the other series.  I hope you do pick up some of these titles at these amazing prices.  But you have to hurry the sale ends April 29th!