Saturday, October 9, 2021

Out of Print: The Disappearance of Winter's Daughter

The fourth book in the Riyria Chronicles is now officially out of print.  As such, the marketplace retailers are price gouging their few remaining copies (currently new copies run from $43 - $60.99, and used copies are priced at $59.99). That is completely ridiculous!  

The good news is we still have copies available directly from us (and they come signed and with a matching bookmark).  And the better news is we aren't marking them up at all, so you can still get them for just $17.00.

If you want to buy an entire set of the chronicles before our copies run out, then we'll offer all four books at a 25% savings ($51 rather than $68 a savings of $17).  That's four books for the price of three!

Once our supply runs out, we'll probably shift this over to a print-on-demand version and the books will be available through retailers once more. The only problem is it will be slightly taller than the other books which were produced by Orbit. The first two books of the series are 8.25" in height and the print-on-demand version (once printed) will be 8.5".  So if you are someone who wants all your books in a series to "line up" - buy directly from us now while supplies last.