Friday, July 20, 2012

Because its Fans that Keep Me Writing

In case you haven’t heard…it’s hot.

My office is upstairs where all the heat goes, so traditionally I take the summer months off from writing. I still work—if you can call anything I do these days work besides cleaning the house or getting the car inspected. But I don’t write, I scribble ideas, outlines, and research in my notebooks at coffee shops, libraries, bookstores, and while bicycling. This year however my wife bought me a fan. Not just any fan, a Dyson bladeless thingy with a hoop like a cross-section slice of a small rocket engine set on a white cylinder that looks like it ought to be able to grind coffee. As crazy as it is, it works and has managed to keep me at the keyboard.

Due to requests from various online forums I’ve kicked out a few short stories—not my forte, but I have a hard time saying no. I’ve also been working on novels. I’ve finished three since finishing work on Percepliquis, and am presently deep into my fourth. If you’re a fan, (especially if you’re the bladed sort) don’t go crazy. Just because I write a book doesn’t mean I’ll publish it. I don’t want to sell crap anymore than you want to buy it, and at least one of those books isn’t ready, and might never be. However, two of the books are definite keepers.

I should warn you that I don’t intend to remain a strictly invented-world fantasy author anymore than I intend to eat only chicken for the remainder of my life. I think the quickest way to ruin a career, is to lose interest in it. Doing the same thing repeatedly can have that effect. So while I love all of you who have appreciated my novels and asked for more, I’ve promised myself never to write for money, (as long as I can help it) which means I won’t seek to please anyone but myself.  I think any other path leads to the dark side.

I need to stay challenged to keep things fresh and fun, so don’t be surprised if the next work you see is science fiction, a thriller, or mystery, or if the style of writing is a little different. I might use more profanity if I feel the story calls for it, and they might not always have happy endings—but hopefully always satisfying ones. That’s not to say I am giving up on IWF (invented-world fantasy) or even Riyria. Some of the novels I’ve already finished are IWF and I have plans for more, but I will be taking a break now and again to play in other sandboxes. Hopefully some of you will join me, and the rest will not be too irritated while they wait.

Having said all that, this last weekend, Orbit and I reached an agreement so they will be publishing me again, which is why I’m not telling you any details, not even the titles of the books I’ve completed, as I am certain Orbit will want to make the announcement.

So for those of you wondering if I’ve been drifting on an inflatable raft in a topical lagoon trying not to spill my umbrella drink for the last year—fear not, for I have a bladeless fan…hopefully I still have a few  breathing ones too.

Monday, July 2, 2012

More Marc

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I know I keep posting the cover art that Marc Simonetti has done for the French editions of the Riyria series, but he has a new one and I just think they look great when laid out together. So here is the art for The Crown Conspiracy, Avempartha and now Nyphron Rising.

I find it flattering that Mr. Simonetti has mimicked a little of my original covers in his designs. I get to see what my ideas could have looked like if I had that kind of talent.

To see more of Marc Simonetti's cover art visit his web page or go to his Deviant Art page.

Sunday, July 1, 2012

So You Want to Write a Novel

If you’re a writer, or want to be, have access to the Internet and haven’t seen the video So You Want To Write a Novel yet, I have to wonder what rock is presently your home address. It debuted near the end of 2010 and I’m not exactly certain where I first saw it but it seemed everywhere for a while. The video was so ubiquitous I never wrote a post on it before now because doing so would be redundant. Why am I mentioning it now? 

This weekend my wife Robin was invited to speak at the James Rivers Writer’s group in Richmond. She was on a panel discussing self, independent, and big six publishing. Before the show, we went to lunch with the panel’s moderator, a man by the name of David Kazzie. We chatted for a while until at some point the topic of the afore mentioned video came up. 

Robin and I raved about its brilliance and humor. Like the original Star Wars, we’ve both seen it a dozen times and it is still a joy to watch. Not only is it hilarious, but true. I’ve met people like this, something David Kazzie was surprised to discover, because you see, David Kazzie is the genius who created the best talking teddy bear video ever! We were in the presence of greatness. 

We wanted to figure a way to get JRW to show the thing on a giant screen for the audience because it really should be required viewing for anyone thinking about writing a novel. It was too late to find an IMAX screen, which left this blog as my only recourse. So if you haven’t seen it, follow this link to David’s website. If you’ve already had the pleasure…can you believe I met this guy! I only wish there was a way to get his video autographed.