Wednesday, May 12, 2021

Rise and Fall Artwork

Well, we are dangerously close to having the presses roll for the printing of Nolyn.  All the interior files are approved, I'm waiting on just three minor changes to the dust jackets, and the foil stamps for the limited edition copies were approved a few hours ago.  

If you are anything like me, knowing how the books will look when lined up on the shelves is an important aspect, so I thought I would share with you the spines for this series.  We wanted to do all the covers up "first" so that we could ensure a consistent "look" across the three titles. So here they are:

As soon as we get the three minor changes in for the dust jacket, we'll share the front and back for Nolyn as well.  

Monday, May 10, 2021

Oh how the times have changed

So, it's a little less than 3 months until Nolyn will be released through the retail chain, and I was interested in seeing how the pre-orders for the audiobooks are going. So, I set my filter for "coming soon" and navigated to the "epic fantasy section. Here's what I found:

Nolyn is #3, and I'm very pleased about that. But what I found most fascinating is the books that are doing even better are all self-published titles. It wasn't all that long ago that people were saying "You can't make any money in publishing if you're not with a traditional publisher.  Well, these three titles buck that conventional wisdom. And I'm so glad to see that indie authors continue to do so well. There are many viable paths to publishing these days. If you want your stories "out there" then there has never been a better time than now for those that self-publish.