Wednesday, November 15, 2023

The Rise of The Rise and Fall

I love it when an entire series is out and available for sale. I like it even more when the books are selling well.  We just noticed that all three books are in the TOP 10 of the bestselling Sword and Sorcery audio books  (#1, #3, and #8).  That made my day! Our thanks to everyone who is reading and telling others about these books.

Monday, November 6, 2023

Two Documentaries are Green Lit!

Indie Author: a documentary 

As some may know, independent filmmaker Adam Grandy is making a documentary about Indie Publishing and Robin and I will be featured in it.

Other authors involved include: Will Wight (Cradle), Bryce O'Conner (Wraithmarked Creative), Delemhach (House Witch), AC Cobble (Merrick Books), Daniel B. Greene (Neon Ghosts), M.L. Wang (The Sword of Kaigen), Phil Tucker (too many books to count), and Travis Baldree (Legends and Lattes).

Here is a little blurb about the project:

Indie Author is a movie for the dreamers of the world. For most authors, writing is their passion, but the odds have always been stacked against them. Enter the underdogs, the people who didn't let anything stand between them and the impossible. They are the daydreamers, the romantics, and the storytellers who found what it takes to earn a full-time living from their craft and have built a community to help others will their fantasies into reality. Through their stories, you might find answers to launch your own writing career. At a minimum, you'll be entertained, inspired, and well-armed with the hard truths and inside facts about "the writer's life."

The plan was to fund through the project through Kickstarter, and their were funding levels for a digital copy of the movie along with a Blu-ray disc version, and boxset (with tons of bonus material). There were even pledge levels to attend the premier and after party (held in Luray and at Robin and mine's house).  A really cool reward was a way to be included in the movie!

Well, as the project neared its end, it looked like it might fall a few thousand short, so we added a second documentary - this was focused on readers of my book.

Elan Unveiled: secrets of the creation process

This will be a spoiler-filled discussion between Robin and myself on all things related to my books.  Here are some of the things we have planned to talk about.

  • What was the seed that started the story, and how did it grow to 20+ books

  • Changes made as a result of alpha or beta reader input

  • Why certain change requests weren't implemented

  • What died on the cutting room floor and why

  • Red herrings and misdirection - if it looks like a mistake it probably isn't - find out what is REALLY going on.

  • Robin's favorite Easter eggs and the implications to the story as a whole

  • Story details that Michael and Robin argued about, and who won each battle (Hint: It's usually Michael, but Robin got a few things in).

  • Most commonly asked inquiries and the answers that might just surprise you. You'll even be able to pose your own questions before filming starts so the answers can be provided as part of this bonus content. 

If you've read my books and find yourself (a) combing the pages for Easter eggs or (b) arguing with others about the meaning of something in particular or (c) just speculating on your own about  various plot elements, then you won't want to miss out on this bonus reward (which is available to anyone who pledges $25 or more to the Indie Author project). Even if you consider yourself to be an expert on Elan or  think you know what Michael has up his sleeve, you probably don't know the half of it - but you will after getting access to this bonus content!

My fans rallied

Robin put the word out and additional pledges poured in.  Within a matter of minutes the project went from $5,000 short to fully funded and it ended up at 146% and raised more than $58,000 from 717 backers.

Missed out? No worries

If any of this sounds like something you'd be interested in, but you are just learning about it now, you can still join in the fun. There is a backdoor known as a "manual add" - which essentially lets you become a backer even though the project is over. Just head over to this link

We hope you'll join in the fun. We think these will be two great documentaries, and we hope others are as excited about the project as we are.