Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Help me help others

From time to time, I run across various organizations raising money for one thing or another, and when I find them I do like to contribute.  For instance, I donated a set of books to Patrick Rothuss's World Builders campaign, and was just to busy to post about it.  Recently I ran across "Con or Bust" which helps to raise money to send people of color to science fiction and fantasy cons and so I donated to them as well.

They auction off donated materials and bidding is slated to end February 24th. I've offered up a signed HARDCOVER copy of Theft of Swords, and I'll sweeten the deal by adding a drawing in the book  (either done by myself, or by my talented daughter).  For those not familiar with Sarah's work she does my Plothole cartoons and also is also illustrating various members of Riyria (here is Hadrian and Royce)as a gift for her mother.

Current bid is just $15, I'm sure out there is someone will pay a bit more for this worthy cause.  If you want to bid please click here. Anyone?  Bueller? Bueller?

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