Sunday, January 26, 2014

I was only kidding...

when I mentioned my intention to dethrone George R.R. Martin from the #1 spot on Audible for bestselling Science Fiction and Fantasy. So, it was a great surprise when I looked this morning and found that it actually happened.

Somebody, it would appear, has a sense of humor. What does it take to reach number one?  Well I'm not entirely sure, but this is the sales information I have so far.
  • 950+ downloads on the first day
  • 1,750+ downloads for the first three days
I'm so grateful to Audible for joining with me to make The Jester available for free and that the incomparable Tim Gerard Reynolds added his talent for yet another Royce and Hadrian adventure. 

For those that like The Jester, and haven't yet listened to The Rose and the Thorn, you can join Tim and I with another free audio in the form of The Viscount and the Witch. It's not yet on Audible but you can hear it from my own site.

Thanks to everyone for your show of support, and if you know someone who you've been telling about Riyria here are a few good free ways to get them to give it a try.