Saturday, January 25, 2014

Look out G.R..R Martin I'm #2 and gunning for you ;-)

What a surprise to wake up and discover The Jester is the #2 Bestseller for Sci-Fi and fantasy, sandwiched nicely between George R.R. Martin and Brandon Sanderson. Sure mine is free, and the other two require a credit or some cash, but I'm trying to ignore that apples to oranges aspect.

The Jester, as I previously posted, has been released to help promote The Unfettered Anthology which was also recently released and is doing well (current #12 of the bestseller list).  In talking to Shawn about the success of two audio versions, he offered me a download code that I could use for a contest.  And so I shall!!

If you would like to win a copy of the audio version of Unfettered you can Enter here. I'll also throw in one of my short stories just for entering. (Some of these have been (a) seeds that were later incorporated into my larger works, (b) previously included in an anthology (c) self-published as a stand alone, so please read the descriptions closely so you don't chose a story that you've already read elsewhere).

You can chose from:
  • The Thieves - A Riyria story in which Royce and Hadrian are set upon by highwaymen (also found in Theft of Swords)
  • The Viscount - A Riyria short story in which Royce and Hadrian meet the Viscount Albert Winslow (also found in The Rose and the Thorn)
  • The Jester - A Riyria short story in which Royce and Hadrian escort a candlemaker and pig farmer on a dangerous quest and learn that the choices we make affect our future (Originally published in Unfettered)
  • Traditions - A traditional fantasy wherein a brave girl dares to define her own future, even if it kills her (Originally published in Triumph Over Tragedy)
  • Burning Alexandria - A book hoarder ends up with the largest library in existence in this post-apocalyptic homage to Ray Bradbury (originally published in The End-Visions of Apocalypse
  • Autumn Mists - A dying man seeks to remember the magic of childhood (not previously published)
  • Greener Grass - A man travels to the future and is shocked by the changes he finds there (previously self-published)
  • God Games - A programmer is a little too good at their job, and the results have far reaching implications (not previously published)


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