Tuesday, February 16, 2016

An Update on The Legends of the First Empire

Hey all, Robin and I have been so busy working that I realize I've not said much about the new series that is coming out in June. So, here's what's going on.

Age of Myth

As most probably already know, Marc Simonetti has created a great illustration to grace the cover. It depicts Magda (an ancient tree in the Crescent Forest).  Del Rey's artistic director (Dave Stevenson) has been working with us to come up with the other aspects of the cover (font, title name, author name).  After several attempts, we finally have it nailed down.  So here is the cover that will be released.

I LOVE the way it looks, and it was no small task finding a font that myself, Robin, Tricia (our editor), and Steve (the art director) liked. Del Rey's team was so accommodating and really went above and beyond with all the options they went through.

Robin, whose mind is constantly working, has come up with a way that you can get signed copies if you pre-order.  More on that in a future post. For now, we are going to limit how many of these signed copies we are committing to and if you want to be notified once they are available, here is a sign-up list.

Also, the proof for the book has come in and both Robin and I are busy reading it. It looks great and marks yet another milestone toward the release.  There should be ARC (Advanced Reading Copies) in hand shortly, and I'll do some drawing for people who want to read them ahead of time.

Last update on this...the recording of the audio book will start March 14th. And yes, the amazing Tim Gerard Reynolds is don the narration.  We are going to New York on the 13th, will go out to dinner with Tim and then sit in on the first few days' recordings. If you are as excited as we are about the audio version of this book, please pre-order it now, or the next time you have audible credits available!

Age of Swords

I finished by second edit of this book back in November. It's been sitting, waiting for Robin to read and provide commentary to. She's already been through this process once before, and the book was in really good shape, so this shouldn't take too terribly long. Robin just needs to GET to it.  Three things are in front of her.
  1. Finish shipping The Death of Dulgath Kickstarter rewards.  She is close on this.  So far we have all the books and t-shirts out.  Now it's just down to Bags, Mugs, Posters, and maps.  That sounds like a lot but compared to the books and shirts it's not nearly as time-consuming.
  2. Finish editing The Making of The Death of Dulgath ebook.
  3. Finish proofing of Age of Myth.
Once she gets through it, and assuming she doesn't haven't anything major for me to edit (which neither of us suspect will happen), the beta read will start.  The beta readers will fall into a few categories.
  • Those that beta-read Age of Myth
  • Those that didn't beta-read Age of Myth but will get a copy of it before the beta
  • Those that haven't read Age of Myth
If you are interested in beta reading, you can sign up here.

Age of War

I finished up the second edit of this book in December. It is also sitting waiting for Robin. What a slacker!  (Okay, don't throw rocks at me we all know I'm kidding with that comment. Robin is the hardest working person I know). I don't see the beta read starting for this anytime soon. And Robin will be more than busy with the beta read for Age of Swords.  Again, this book had very few changes from Robin's original alpha read, so I don't expect much additional work on this.

Age of Legends

This is what I'm working on now, and have been for the last several weeks. Unlike Book #2 and Book #3, this one did require MAJOR work based on Robin's first alpha read.  That's the bad news.  The good news is I have (a) figured out all the changes, created a new outline, and figured out all the problems introduced by the changes (b) have been writing it for several weeks now.  The original deadline I set for this was end of February, and that's not going to happen. I got started late because I was helping Robin ship Kickstarter stuff. But I do think it'll be done sometime in March, which isn't that much of a delay.

Age of Empire

This also will need some major work based on Robin's alpha read. The good news is (a) it's not nearly as extensive as the work to book #4, and (b) getting book #4 straightened out will make book #5 go much more quickly.  At this point I still think April or May (which was my original deadline for myself) still seems doable.

Wow, that's a lot.  See, I knew it was a long time since I've updated people on this. The Death of Dulgath has been the focus of most of my posting as of late, but with it finally "out and about" it's time to start looking at the project. I'm very excited to hear what people think of it.


  1. This is one awesome update Michael, Age of Myth is one of my top books to read in 2016 I am really looking forward to it

  2. Love the cover! And it'd probably get me struck by lightning or something, but I'd totally climb that tree. :D

    If we already pre-ordered on Amazon, will we still be eligible for signed copies?

    1. Thanks for pre-ordering. There will be all kinds of perks for those that order early - and yes Amazon people will get the digital reward stuff. But, unfortunately, you'll have to cancel your Amazon preorder and re-order from me (or get two copies!!) Unless Robin can work out some deal where Amazon can get a shipment of signed books as well. She's working on that,too.

  3. Beautiful cover! Marc Simonetti really is a master at illustrations and his website only establishes that even further. Gotta read Percepliquis and the Chronicles books before June when Age of Myth arrive. Should make it home with time to spare :)

  4. Wow, you haven't read Percepliquis ???? That's my favorite of the series. I think you'll really like the way the series wraps.

    1. A month late in replying to this, apologies. I finished reading Percepliquis around the end of Februrary. You were absolutely right! Loved way the series wrapped and how everything came together at the end. Especially those little touches, like Dunstan and Arbor confused about Arista's marriage to 'Vince', really cracked me up. I miss Elan already but thankfully my Chronicles books are coming soon hopefully, so really looking forward to reading those. In fact I'm also a comic reader so I'm very interested to check out the Riyria comic too when it comes out. The promo art looked pretty great.

  5. I'm a huge audible fan j:0) can't wait for new reads/listens! sarisstar

  6. Beautiful cover! Marc Simonetti really is a master at illustrations and his website only establishes that even further. Gotta read Percepliquis and the Chronicles books before June when Age of Myth arrive. Should make it home with time to spare :)
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