Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Age of Myth: And So it Begins

Age of Myth is about a fairly likable fellow named, Raithe of Dureya, who is having a bad day. Being destitute, his father has this crazy notion of leaving their miserable homeland and migrating to the lush, territory across the river. The land there is owned by the gods and humans are forbidden from its banks. No one knows why, but everyone knows that disobeying gods is a bad idea, but desperation is the mother of most things crazy, and with the death of everyone else in their family, Raithe and his father have little else to stop them.

The water in the river is near freezing, the current strong, and Raithe nearly drowns on the crossing, but his father was right, the land is amazing—fertile and beautiful. And empty. The two explore this new world for days discovering a wondrous landscape and falling in love with a patch of land where they intend to build a new home for themselves. Raithe’s father has grand dreams of constructing a village, rich in food and wood and clean water. Then he’ll send Raithe back to their homeland to find a wife—maybe two—and together they will build a new future for their family away from the wars and the brittle grass and endless dust of Dureya.

They hunt deer for food, and bring one down with ease. Everything in this new land is easy. Then as Raithe’s father is gutting the stag, Raithe notices they aren’t alone.

The gods have found them.

It’s at this point that the novel begins.

Age of Myth is the first book in the Legends of the First Empire series, and it was released yesterday, Tuesday June 28th. In many ways, this series is an origin story for the world of Elan. It tells the epic story of how my world came to be, and the simple story of a handful of unassuming people who changed everything.

It’s the story of a man who kills what is supposed to be an immortal god. As a result…

It's the story of a woman who isn’t a warrior who must now go to war to save her people. As a result…

It's the story of a girl who insists the only way to win the war is to talk to a tree. As a result…

It's the story of all the little people who make history, but who are forgotten by it.

Age of Myth is a small story that will launch an epic tale that will lay the foundations for a world where in three thousand years two thieves will uncover much of what was lost, but so many more revelations remain to be discovered.

I invite you to start your journey today, with Age of Myth, and learn what you only thought you knew.


  1. Good luck, Michael. I'll be keeping all possible fingers of mine crossed that the book becomes a bestseller :D

  2. Whats the timeline for the release of the next books? I know you said you've already written them and im excited to get my hands in them!

  3. "A fairly likeable fellow...who is having a bad day." Love it. :D

  4. @Christomir - thanks! I'll settle for "a good number of people" who read and loved it. But bestselling won't be something I'll snub my nose at.

    @Kris - Don't know yet. While the books are "done" they are not "finished." What I mean by that is there is still beta reading, publisher's feedback, and copy editing that has to be done. Book #2 is on the schedule for next summer, but we can't really schedule book 3+ until Del Rey gets their hands on them and can balance my book with other releases. I still want to do a bit of clean up before I let them look at the other books.

    @Kate - thanks ;-)

  5. Just finished it on the first leg of a loooong series of plane flights. Great read, super enjoyable, and now I'm mega-pissed to have to wait a year for the next book. I think you should talk to Del Rey about moving up that schedule -- there's something to be said for Netflix-like simultaneous releases :)

    GREAT read. Can't wait for the rest!

  6. Absolutely Wonderful, Again!

  7. I hope the next is coming real soon to audible! Narrator is great again!

  8. Hey Michael, the other day I was browsing the bookstore looking at covers---to help give me an idea for my own book cover---and I picked up "Age of Myth" without even realizing it was written by you! That was a pleasant surprise, I have to say. The cover is really beautiful. It's nice to see you're still out there writing.

    1. "nice to see you're still out there writing"? o_O

      Oh, my sweet summer child... Michael is not "still" writing - he is only just at the beginning of his path to greatness. ;)

  9. How come you didn't do a book signing for this one?

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