Saturday, June 4, 2016

Guest on Scott Sigler's Friday's Fix Podcast

Hey all,

Robin and I are still in Phoenix and enjoying meeting everyone on this side of the country. While here, we met up with Scott Sigler and "ARealGirl" and recorded a session of his "Friday Fix" Podcast.

Scott, is someone we've talked to in the past on the phone, but it took coming to Phoenix to meet him in person. Interestingly, Scott and ARealGirl have a "tag team" approach to Scott's writing, much like Robin and I team up for my stuff.  So, we sat down and explained some about how we divide and conquer. So lots of industry stuff in this podcast, as well as a good dash about where we started and how we get to where we are now.  If that kind of stuff interests you, come on over and take a listen.