Tuesday, November 26, 2019

Read Age of Death Now

Yes, the official release date for Age of Death is February 4, 2020, but more than 3,300 people are already reading it now. How is that possible? Well, they either (a) were backers of the Kickstarter that ended on September 10 (b) pre-ordered an ebook through BackerKit or (c) asked for a "manual add."

We just finished implementing all the gamma reader feedback and the presses will start rolling as soon as we get dates from the printer. The nearly 2,000 people who pre-order the hardcover through us will receive their copies within days of them coming off the press. So how do you get your ebook now and the hardcover on the earliest day possible? Well, you, too, can do a "manual add."  The process is quite easy.  

  1. Take a look at the above reward levels and select which one you want.
  2. Send an email to michael.sullivan.dc@gmail.com with the subject: AoD Manual Add
  3. In the email tell us (a) your name and (b) the level you want to pledge at
We'll take things from there and do the following:
  1. My wife, Robin, will add you to Backerkit at the desired level
  2. She'll send you a BackerKit invitation where you can (a) provide payment information (b) input a shipping address (if you are ordering a physical copy) and (c) specify if you want your name included in the acknowledgments. NOTE: It's too late to add your name to the print edition, but it will be included in the final ebook.
  3. Once we see that you have filled out the information, we'll lock your order and you'll have access to the Age of Death ebook in your Digital Download area of BackerKit. In addition, you'll receive all the digital rewards that came as part of the Kickstarter. (See the list below)
Almost 300 people have come in through the "manual add" process, and it'll only be available until we receive printed copies. At that time, it'll be in our standard online store.  Here is a list of the bonus material that you'll miss out on once the manual add window closes:
  • Bonus Short Story: Burning Alexandria
  • Bonus Short Story: Autumn Mists
  • Bonus Short Story: The Game
  • Bonus Short Story: Pile of Bones
  • Bonus Short Story: Little Wren and the Big Forest
  • 10 Original Musical Compositions
  • 192 Screensavers of Marc Simonetti's Artwork (8 Designs at 24 different sizes)
  • 15 bonus graphics for DIY printing of posters, puzzles, and t-shirts
  • Access to a Behind the Scenes Video
  • Access to an Author Q&A Video
In addition, if you sign up for a reward level that includes a physical copy of one or more books, you will also receive:
  • Signed Hardcovers
  • $3 - $4 off the retail price of each book
  • Pack of 5 custom bookmarks (1 signed)
  • Deep discounts on non-US shipping
By buying directly from me, you (a) receive a ton of extra material (b) you pay the same prices as the retail ebook but get it months earlier (c) if you get a physical copy you'll receive an 11% discount.

But you are not the only one who benefits. I receive a significantly higher share of your hard-earned dollars because the retailer's cut is much higher than the BackerKit processing fees. For example:
  • ebook sales: retailer cut is 30% (US orders) or 70% (all other countries)
  • physical book sales: retailer and distribution fees are 75%
  • BackerKit fee is just 5% + 3% for credit card processing.
If you've ever wondered how you can best benefit the author for their stories, buying direct is definitely the way to go. So, take a look, and if you want to start reading now, drop me an email, Robin will get you set up and reading in no time.


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  2. This latest book was amazing! It was impossible to put down! I love the creativity and depth of story - perfect!!