Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holiday Vacation: Swimming in the Topics

As an author, writing a blog is a bit strange--or maybe it is just strange for me. I don't know what to write. (Which accounts for the few number of posts I make--well that and I don't have that much time.)It's not that I don't have ideas, or topics I could pontificate on, I have plenty, but does anyone want to read about them? I have no idea because blogging is this odd, one-sided discussion. I ramble about stuff to people all the time, and their expression usually tells me when I should change the subject or shut-up entirely. I don't get that in a blog. Occasionally someone will leave a comment, but never does anyone post, "This was great, but what I'd really like to hear about is…"

I mean, do you really want to read about how great my books are doing? That sort of thing is interesting to me, but I can't understand why anyone else would really care? It also strikes me as a bit self-absorbed.

Would you rather I wrote about writing? I know several readers of this blog are aspiring writers, so would tips and methods be interesting? Some of you might love that while others might be invisibly yawning.

What about lifestyle? Is anyone interested in what it is like to be a full-time author? How I spend my time? Would it help to inspire those working toward this goal to see what might be behind door number three? Clearly I am no Fitzgerald or Hemingway, so I have to wonder if that would be appealing.

How about rants on the industry? A number of authors have made a fine following by posting impassioned opinions on the publishing business. I have to wonder how interesting that is to read for someone who isn't in the industry.

How about my opinions on my genre, what I think is wrong with fantasy books these days, how I feel it could be improved. I don't know. While I have lots of opinions here, I can't think of too many ways to present them without attacking fellow authors, and I'd rather not throw stones given what pretty, big windows I have.

I could talk off-subject, ramble about general news items, politics, religion, the state of PC games or the weather. I'm not sure even I would want to read that.

Creative writing? Would you be more happy with little stories? That tends to be time-consuming, time that would be better spent working on my books, but I suppose I could do that.

Biography? Would to like to hear about my storied past? Would it be interesting? Comforting? Frightening? Inspiring? to hear all the trials and tribulation I went through?

Maybe if you gave me a hint I could do a better job at this as we go into 2011. Miraculous changes are coming so I feel I need to nail this down better.

In the meantime…

My books are doing phenomenal, right now. Robin is beside herself watching the numbers grow like a Christmas Chi-pet. Yesterday I sold 750 Kindles, that's in one day, and that's just Kindles. It wasn't long ago that I was happy to sell one book every three days, and now, if sales continue as they have been, I will sell 10,000 this month. This is just silly. Sure, there are a lot of people out there with Santa delivered e-readers, all looking to fill them, so the numbers are skewed. Still, I thought the same thing last year, but the numbers stayed high, so who knows.

Thanks for helping to make this another great holiday season, and here's looking forward to what appears like it will be an amazing new year.

(If you'd prefer not to post on this blog but rather email me directly with questions or suggestions of something you'd like me to blog on, you can write me at: michael.sullivan.dc@gmail.com.)

See you in 2011.


  1. Any and all of the above.

    It's your genuine bearing and attitude that keep us reading, not necessarily the topics.

    Wishing you continued success, hoping to start/finish Nyphron Rising this week!

  2. Yes! I agree with Todd. The reason that I continue to read your blog (or any other blog I follow for that matter) is because I feel you are being genuine with your readers. I'm not into publishing; I'm not a writer; and we probably disagree on all matter of topics political, religious or otherwise. But, I enjoy reading a humorous and/or well reasoned entry on any topic.

    Oh, and by the way, I'm at the point where Royce is in the sitting room....

  3. I'd love to hear your thoughts on the fantasy genre, and writing in general.


  4. Lol - Danielle!! How could you stop there - it's one of my favorite parts. Tick-tock Gfriend. You HAVE to finish before bookclub - Please please please!

  5. I was waiting a bit to see if anymore posts were forth coming. I did get a couple of emails as well.

    So there are some votes for commentary on the fantasy genre as well as some expounding on lifestyle and methods, clearly from the writers out there.

    Oh and thanks for the appreciation of my "bearing" and "genuineness." I'm not exactly sure what that means, but is sure sounds darn cool.

  6. please, NO short story posts.
    I read your blog to see how you, the author, are doing.

    And random thoughts on random items/subjects is always nice too...