Friday, December 3, 2010

Movers and Shakers

I hope you all enjoyed the Avempartha giveaway last month. It is over now. Avempartha for kindle is back up to the ridiculously high price of $2.99. Nevertheless, this momentary drop in price resulted in a number of strange events, not the least of which was putting my books on the Amazon Kindle Movers and Shakers List. Crown was the first to hit it early last month reaching as high as number five. As surprising as this was, I attributed the momentary success to the Avempartha giveaway. Tens of thousands of people downloaded my second book while it was free and quite a few apparently felt they didn't want to start with the second in the series and so picked up Crown as well.

The curious thing, what has me puzzled, is that Avempartha is no longer free, and yet this morning I found the following on the Movers and Shakers List:

And on the Kindle board the ranking even included Avempartha:

I can only conclude two things from this: One, all those people who recently picked up Crown and Avempartha, must have liked what they read. And two, My wife Robin is a marketing genius.


  1. It's funny that this is the first of your blogs that read. On Monday I downloaded the Kindle app for my Blackberry. I wanted to find a good book to give it a test run and i came across Avempartha. I read the description and decided to do exactly what you concluded, I bought The Crown Conspiracy. I've since been impressed by both the app and your series. Having my battery die in the middle of Nyphron Rising is a bummer, I'm currently wondering how Arista will escape from Etcher. Great series I look forward to more.

  2. Sorry to hear your battery ran out at a crucial moment, but pleased you were upset when it did. And thanks for stopping by.

  3. Very good marketing strategy to offer the second book for free! (Who starts a series with the second book?) I was one of those who bought and read the first and very much enjoyed it. Just finished the second and promptly bought the third. Won't be hard to predict what I'll do after finishing it. No wonder you're on the Movers and Shakers list! (Well deserved!)

  4. I, too, started with Crown after getting the free Avempartha on my Kindle. I loved the series so much I read it complete in two and a half weeks (would have been one and a half if my wife would've let me read during Thanksgiving). I'm following your blog so I won't miss a minute when #6 comes out. You deserve the good exposure. I even gifted crown yesterday.

  5. I am in love with these books! After I read the 1st few pages of the 2nd book, I ordered the rest. This is the kind of fantasy I enjoy most: character driven, well-told, beautifully written. Cannot wait to pre-order 6.

  6. I am highly impressed with these novels! The characters are well develpoed, the world and environments are described in just enough detail that I can picture myself in the jungles of Calis or the streets of Aquesta hearing the roar of the crowds during Wintertide without being bogged down. Can't wait for Percepliquis! Do you have plans for after the Riyria? You have a whole world to show us and I know I will be there!

  7. Great books. Can't wait for the final episode. I've been downloading them from Afghanistan. Now I'm hoping Antithesis won't wait too long to go electronic. Congrats on a great set of books.

  8. I'm on the second book and am enjoying it a great deal. Still, I was disappointed to just see that the price of this series has jumped from $2.99 to $4.99 apiece on Amazon when I went to order the next three.

  9. The books have always been $4.99 the $2.99 was a temporary "sale". You can get them for $3.99 from this link:

  10. Thanks everyone. A lot of new names posting here. That's great (or maybe you've just been lurking...that's fine too) I'll try to get another post up soon. Been busy for a holiday.

  11. I'm one of the people who bought Avempartha when it was $2.99 on Amazon, and I'm loving it. I think the idea to start with a chapter that would grab people is a great one, and I'm sure I'll be buying the rest of them when I'm done with this. It reminds me of a humorous, more light-hearted version of Lord of the Rings. Great fun.

  12. Your wife is indeed a marketing genius since I did exactly as predicted: bought the 2nd book as a freebie, discovered it was not the first in a series and bought the first book so I could start at the beginning. And I haven't regretted it for a second!

    This is a great read with a strong plot, great characters, humor and tension. I have only 2 minor complaints: first is the incorrect use of thee, thine, thou, etc. I can overlook this as it is only for a short period.

    The second thing is how tiny the map is on the Kindle. Even magnified and using a magnifying glass, I can't make out the city names. Thankfully, I found your web site and can look at maps there.

    Congratulations on a series that is growing in popularity. It's well deserved.

  13. I didn't get a free book, but just happened to stumble across the series as I was browsing for new titles to consume (buying books I allready own in hard-copy started to seem a bit silly after the 40ethish book). I bought and read everything during the last couple of days, and I really do love the chance that ebooks and amazon provide for those looking to publish. There are a few editing-errors, but seeing as everything is self-edited I am actually impressed with the result.

    The only thing that annoys me is that the final book is months away.

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