Thursday, February 3, 2011

Atlas Nudged

When I first started writing the series I created a map merely as a means of keeping straight in my head where everything was, and as a creative tool to allow me to envision obsticals that my characters would need to deal with.

As I wrote I added places and land features, but after a certain point I no longer needed the map as the world was fairly well formed in my head. This allowed the map to become a bit dated as it left out the locations of some popular sites like Drondil Fields, Hintindar and such.

I’ve learned that the maps in some of the eBook versions of my series have been fuzzy or otherwise hard to read. Still not sure how that happened. Many have found the maps on my website, but I wondered how many haven’t. As such and as the last book is on it’s way, I thought it might be good to offer a new improved glimpse of the world.

Here then is the most accurate map of the world of Elan to date.

Below is a simplified map showing the poltical divisions. The colored areas show the four nations of Apeladorn, the blue outlined divisions in Avryn indicate the eight kingdoms that comprise it.

I have learned that some readers never look at the map, others rely on it, and a few had no idea there was one. Regardless of which you might be, I hope this helps illuminate the world a little better for you.


  1. I definitely fall into the "never look at a map", not even if my life depended on it! However, for all those who are my complete opposite in this regards, I am glad you did this. They will love you [and hence hopefully spread your name around and get you even more sales]

  2. Hi! I fall in the category of 'never look at the map'. It mostly confuses my flow as I read the book - so, I stick to whatever image is generated in my head.

    I have started reading your book 'The Crown Conspiracy' yesterday. It took two months for my order to reach India(thru' flipkart), but the wait has been worthwhile. Enjoying every bit of it so far. I will be picking the other ones soon.
    Thanks for the wonderful book. Many wishes to you.

  3. Thanks for the map! I think it's helpful to have a map so that you have a sense of where all the places are and the relationships. One niggling comment: I tried reading the map at its highest and yet find some of the names hard to read. It might be a good idea to improve contrast and size of the text (say black text and bigger font).

  4. I always look at the maps. I try to relate some of the world in my mind and see what is around them. So, I enjoy the map. And this is so cool to see how it evolved. :) Thanks!