Saturday, February 12, 2011

Hocking Fame by Association

A funny thing happened on my way to work today. That first sentence would be far more interesting if you realized that my commute consists of booting up my computer in the morning. It is also amusing that my previous post mentioned looking for indications that I have advanced in my career, because I stumbled on another one. And honestly, I never expected to see this happen.

Someone wrote a book about me—well, not actually about me, but rather about Amanda Hocking and success in the eBook publishing world in general. Nevertheless, I was mentioned in the blurb, and twice in the little sample pages made available for preview. Along with me, Donaghue also mentions H P Mallory, J A Konrath, and Sam Torode as examples of success in the independent eBook world.

To my knowledge there have been two instances when people have posted about other author’s works and referenced my work as a means of comparison. I thought those were massive wow moments. But being mentioned so prominently in a non-fiction book is staggering. The book isn’t being featured on the Daily Show, and as far as I can see, isn’t even available on Amazon, but only through Smashwords, still the idea that someone actually researched me for a publication like this is a kick.

Sadly the author, Laura Donoghue, never contacted me as part of her research, or I would have been happy to provide her with more information than what she must have gleaned off the Internet. For example I am not the author of the novel Necessary Heartbreak which was written by a different Michael J. Sullivan and published through Gallery, an imprint of Simon and Schuster. Of course I can see how she could make that mistake. I have to assume Donoghue has at least interviewed Amanda given that the book is entitled: Amanda Hocking and Her Success Secrets.

And in case you are wondering who Amanda Hocking is, she’s the leading independent eBook author in terms of sales. USA Today did an article on her this past week.

I have no idea how good Donoghue’s book is…yet. Of course I am going to read it. I feel like one of those celebrities who just found out they were mentioned in a “tell-all” memoir. And I suspect Donoghue is assured of at least five sales. After all Konrath, Mallory, Torode, Hocking and I all want to know—how did we do it?


  1. Michael thanks for your blog. I have spent a great deal of time trying to correct such associations. I do forward any emails or thoughts to your website when I come across those looking to contact you. I greatly respect your work. It's been a frustrating process for me since I feel terrible that people have made this mistake.

    Michael J. Sullivan/Necessary Heartbreak: A Novel of Faith and Forgiveness

  2. Thanks, for forwarding the emails, and sorry for your frustration. I hope I haven't been too much of a problem getting your book off the ground.

    Actually I'm surprised you managed to find my blog. And thanks for posting. It's nice to finally "meet" you.

  3. Not at all Michael. I feel terrible that this has happened but am happy to meet you as well. I've added your email to my contact list so in case your fans go to my website.


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