Sunday, December 23, 2012

Kindle Deal of the Day: Theft of Swords is $1.99

As I mentioned yesterday, today my book will be featured by Amazon and discounted to $1.99.  This is a very exciting promotion of my books and I hope as many people as possible get the books at the discounted price.  But you have to buy today because at 3:00 AM (EST) Theft turns into a pumpkin...okay maybe not a pumpkin but it will return to it's normal $7.99 price.


  1. Nice!! I think the deals of the day is a great way to spread the word about Riyria! For my part, I bought a couple copies as "stocking stuffers" and made sure my admittedly small world of Facebook and Twitter were made aware of it with my recommendation!!!

  2. I'm glad this deal was there.

    I think more authors need to realise that such promotions are an excellent way to get readers to buy into their worlds. I had been aware of your series for a while, but had been hesitating to actually buy it. (No offense intended, I have heard mostly good things. It was merely because I have enough books in my "To Be Read" pile that I didn't feel the need to add to it.)

    But a price of $1.99 was all the motivation I needed to take the plunge.

  3. I am so beyond pleased that it was available as a Kindle Daily Deal!!! I may not have found your books otherwise. I finished Heir of Novron just last night and I'm still processing. Absolutely totally and completely loved the whole series. You deserve so much more recognition!!

  4. I purchased it from Kindle Daily Deals and I'm glad I did it. It's an interesting world/book.