Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Second Wind

I've had a lot of interviews, and there's been many articles on me and my "rise to fame." I didn't even realize how much of this was out there until I did a podcast with Dave Robison on his Roundtable Podcast (which will be published in two parts on Dec 14, and 18th) and his intro to the show was a dramatic story about my life. I was listening and thinking, how does he know all this stuff about me? After the show he explained he just found it on the web. I was live chatting with another person who was asking my advice, and I began giving examples from my own experiences and they mentioned, "yes, I know your story almost as well as you do."

It's kind of eerie, really.

So apparently there is a glut of me, and yet just today another article came out in The Star Online. I don't make a habit of linking everything written about me. I used to. I used to be so shocked I had to share it with the world. I think people forgive such an attitude in a new author the same way they smile and shake their heads when an excited puppy pees on the floor. Nevertheless, I really liked the Star article. I know the story better than anyone, and I was entertained reading it, so I thought I would link it here.

The article is called: Second Wind.


  1. Not a bad article at all. However, it leaves the impression that Ridan Publishing is still active. As far as I know judging from the lack of updates on the webpage and your wife's blog, it's gone inactive.

  2. Great article! I'm sure it's a bit surreal seeing something like that. And I hope you get to see someone reading your books on a plane soon... it's getting more and more difficult to see what someone's reading with all the eReaders out there now.

  3. That had to be an extremely tough decision to move away from your own publishing to a traditional publisher. It sounds like everything has worked out pretty darn well for you though. :)

  4. I’ve just finished reading the Riyria Revelations and it’s been the most fantastic few weeks of escapism I’ve enjoyed in years.
    I'm so glad that you eventually succeeded and decided to “climb back on”.
    You’ve shared a classic – thank you.

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