Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Only a few more hours to get in on Blackguards Anthology

I'm in the mountains on a little mini-vacation Robin arranged for my birthday.  More on that, as well as the bike ride to conquer cancer in upcoming posts.  I just have time to jot off a quick announcement as the Kickstarter is coming to a close.

As I write this, it's raised more than $33,600 and has over 1,060 backers.  That's huge! And a testament to both the idea and the team that Ragnarok Publications put together. I predicted when it was launched that it would surpass the Hollow World Kickstarter - and it has.  (Moving HW down to #16 most funded - fist shake at Ragnorok).

An entire book dedicated to rogues, assassins, mercenaries, and thieves is an excellent idea, and I'm proud to share the pages with so many amazing authors. As part of this project, a number of us have written blog posts about why rogues are so awesome to write about.  Here is a list of them if you would like to dig a little deeper in what goes on in the minds of a writer of this type of fiction:

Also, I should mention that there is a giveaway running through rafflecopter so if you want a chance to win a hardcover or 2 paperback copies you can enter here.