Monday, November 27, 2017

Multi-Author Fantasy Book Sale

It's time for the annual Cyber Monday Signed Book Sale! As in previous years, some author friends and I have gotten together to offer holiday prices on signed books directly from our websites. This means you can get signed books at a discount, and also send a little more money toward your favorite authors during this holiday season. This year, the participants are Bradley Beaulieu, Jason Hough, Brian McClellan, and Brent Weeks (use discount code NIGHTANGEL).

As for my own books, here's what I have on sale this year:
I hope you'll take advantage of some of these great discounts. Timing on each sale is dependent on the author, my books will remain on sale for the entire week (ending midnight + 1 min on December 3rd.

Oh, and I should also note: Theft of Swords is one of many, many Kindle Daily Deal books - so you can get the ebook for just $2.99 at most US retailers.