Thursday, November 2, 2017

Work In Progress

Being that it is day two of National Novel Writing Month, no aspiring writers should be wasting time reading this blog, but for those who are struggling, I always found it both fascinating and inspiring to see the workspace of other writers. So for those of you interested in such things, here’s my present office. I took this photo today when I was in the middle of work, believe it or not, and I know it isn’t fun at all, but honestly, this is about as messy as it gets for me.  

Where the Magic Happens

STAGES OF WRITING A NOVEL (Written in author-speak)

1. Catching bats at night.
2. Making a puzzle with too many pieces and no box to look at.
3. The desert of temptation and regret.
4. Hope
5. Crisis
6. The joy of finishing!
7. Guilt and depression
1. Bats

Good luck all!


  1. I find it crazy that you type on that tiny keyboard with no supports or anything, I can only imagine how quickly I would start to have hand cramps on that thing.

    What are the various books you have sitting around, are they references?

  2. I hunt and peck (at fantastic speed) so my hands/wrists never touch the desk. They float above it, or oftentimes, I have the keyboard pulled back to the very edge of the desk, so the heels of my hands hang off the edge. Never had carpel tunnel or typing fatigue.

  3. BTW, since that photo was taken, I've cleaned up the mess.

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