Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Fantasy Book Critic - Ten Year Aniversary

Fantasy Book Critic has hit their 10-year anniversary. Oh how time flies! What started out as a hobby by Robert Thompson has become one of the biggest blogs for fantasy fans working tirelessly to introduce fantasy readers to great books by fantasy authors new and well-established. I've said many times that the early support of bloggers and Goodreads has been paramount in my career, and I'm thrilled that they posted a guest post by me to celebrate.  So far there are 5 posts in their anniversary celebration. Definitely worth checking them all out.
Of particular note is the last link in the celebration. There are 32 books (including one of mine) in the list being given away.  To enter, please send an email to "" with your Name, Mailing Address, and the subject: FBC 10Giveaway will end on 1/5/18 and is open to participants WORLDWIDE