Friday, January 25, 2019

For those waiting on hardcovers of Riyria

I've been getting a lot of panicked emails from people who fear they missed their window for ordering the hardcovers, I just wanted to assure you that you haven't.  None of the pre-order invitations have gone out yet, and when they start, I'll post it on this site.

The issue is Robin and I are on a tight deadline regarding Age of Legend. And yes, I realize its release isn't until summer and we're still in the middle of winter.  But there are dates set in stone that can't be missed (mainly because they involve people's schedules other than our own) and so that has to be our highest priority.  Bottom line, we are 100% consumed with that book, and as such everything else is taking a back seat.

Tomorrow I'll make a post about the status of Age of Legend, to fully explain where we are at, and what's left to do. But in the meantime, I wanted to do a quick post so that those that are concerned about the hardcovers can rest easy.   More coming soon!


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  2. Awesome! If we've ordered through the kickstarter site previously, will we be on an email list to be notified of both AoL and the Riyria hardcovers?? I intend on collecting all hardcovers so have been waiting to purchase the Riyria novels.

  3. Is there still a way to get on the pre-order list? I've only been able to find Theft of Swords in hardcopy and wanted to get the whole set. I love the audible books but there is something about the feel of the hardcopy - and I kind of want the joy of reading it again with my own voice for the characters.