Monday, January 28, 2019

Age of Myth Sale $1.99 (Regularly $9.99)

So, the mass-market paperback of Age of War has just hit the street. Driving the price on that book down from $12.99 to $9.99.  But to help get people into the series my publisher (Del Rey) is putting the first book (Age of Myth) on sale for just $1.99.  That's a huge saving - 80% off!

I've seen the sale price on  Amazon, Barnes and Noble, &  Apple, but I suspect the other ebook retailers will be price matching to it soon. I'll update the post if it does become available elsewhere.  I'm not sure how long the sale will be in effect (I suspect 1 week). So get it while you can. Oh, and if you know someone who hasn't yet started reading the series - now is the perfect time to have them start!


  1. Hey, Although I have the book, I think this might make a great gift for my brother, who was a big fan of Revelations.

    On another note, when will you be posting the update on Age of Legends, I know you are super busy, but I am just curious.

  2. I am also very interested when you can see the continuation of this book. Your first I bought a long time in print, and even download eBooks PDF for free on your phone.

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