Monday, June 10, 2019

Did you miss the Kickstarter but want Age of Legend Early?

Many people have reached out to me indicating they were sad to miss the Age of Legend Kickstarter, and they wanted to get their hands on the book as soon as possible.  Well, I'm here to say there is a way to get it right now!

The books have come off the presses, the warehouse has signed copies, and I've updated my online store to offer ebooks and signed hardcovers.  So, if you missed the Kickstarter you can buy the book directly from me and get the book right now -- a month early.

Buying direct has a number of advantages:
  • More of your money goes directly to me since I get to keep the retailer's cut.
  • You get signed printed editions.
  • You get the books early - the retail chain copies start shipping 7/9/19.
  • ebooks are DRM free, and you get multiple formats so you can read the book on whatever device you desire.
  • You help rural Virginias earn a living - we use a fulfillment company that is in a part of the country where jobs are hard to come by and the more books we send through there, the more people they can hire.
I hope you'll consider picking up an early copy...and no matter how you get the book - I hope you enjoy the read!


  1. I am sure that your next campaign will be successful. Good luck!

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  3. OMG - I knew that I shouldn't begin "the First Empire" before I knew the end date for the series - so I thought I was safe - I knew I would tear through the first three as quickly as I had torn through Riyria and the Chronicles - but as I said I thought I was safe with July 9, 2019... But no - alas - After waiting for 36+ days for Age of Legends - each day an agony of its own - And then eagerly, tearing through Legends - only to find that I now have 6-9 months more waiting for the next two. OH THE PAIN THE PAIN!!! I live in Houston, a city known for it's endless traffic that induces road rage. What has kept me sane are the (audio) trials and tribulations of Hadrian, Ross, Persephone, Wraith, Nyphron and the rest of the gang - but now the endless waiting begins - OMG - what can fill the gap? Talk radio - certainly not - Hip Hop? again no... Even the bobiverse cannot span the gap - what is to become of me....

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