Friday, February 27, 2009

What Does The Crown Conspiracy and iPhones Have in Common?

The Crown Conspiracy has sold out due to sudden high demand. as well as its many market places reports themselves “out of stock,” as does Barnes and Nobles and Borders online stores. This has caused the resale price of the book to abruptly skyrocket with one vendor using the unavailability and high demand to sell the book in excess of $60 for a novel normally priced at $11.95.

I have contacted my publisher and been assured this is only temporary. It appears that a sudden increase in popularity and demand has caught the distribution channel by surprise. Normally content to ship small quantities of the book to various resellers, the demand appears to have jumped well above normal. The reason for the sudden rise in orders is unknown and could be the result of increased efforts on such sites as Goodreads to promote the novel, or something as simple as word-of-mouth hitting a critical junction. The increase coincides closely with the upcoming release of the second book in the series, Avempartha, due out in one month, which could also be helping to drive the sales.

Orders already placed with online stores will be filled and sent out just as soon as stock arrives. In the meantime, if you are desperate to obtain your copy of the book (perhaps you have a book club set to discuss it in a week or two), I still have copies on hand which you can purchase through my website—at the same low price as always.

I am not certain whether to be concerned or elated at this turn of events. It is nice to hear demand for the book has risen, and yet what good is that if people can’t read it? I will try and keep you posted on any further developments in this area.


  1. That is wonderful! Congratulations on it being such a hot seller! (I'm disappointed, though, because I was going to order it for my sister's birthday via Amazon!) It's a very well-written book, and I can't wait for Avempartha! :-)

  2. The Crown Conspiracy is popping in and out of stock at Amazon but you should keep in mind that you can always order it directly from my website at a discount and I will even sign it for you if you like.

    As far as Avempartha is concerned...neither can I!

  3. That's what I ended up doing - ordering it through your site. It was for my sister, Katie's birthday. She's in Virginia, too. Not sure if you remember. (I have no idea how often you sign books! LOL)

    I considered preordering Avempartha, but I want a signed one. You'll be selling those, right?