Thursday, August 20, 2009

Cover Art Controversy

As we close in on the release date for Nyphron Rising things are taking shape. The cover art is just about finalized and so I can show it to you here.

Some of you may have remembered a sketch I provided a few months ago however and wondered what happened to that idea.

I completed that painting some time back, but was never completely happy with it.

Both covers depict scenes from the novel but it was thought that the bridge image was harder to understand by the viewer. Also the general look of the bridge image failed to fit the pattern—it is just a bit too detailed of a scene lacking a central focus and less ethereal than the others. But mostly it was the color scheme that ultimately decided its fate.

It was my intention to create the series using a different color scheme for each novel. I toyed with the idea of having each color match the season of the story. Crown Conspiracy takes place in the fall, hence the gold color. Avempartha was painted in a blue green for spring. Nyphron Rising takes place in the summer so green was the obvious choice. I doubt I can keep up this theme however. The next book, The Emerald Storm, takes place in autumn again, so I will be at a crossroads then as to what color to use. And of course there are only so many colors.

Having completed both covers, I am interested to hear which you prefer. So leave a note here with your vote for your preference. It is not likely to change the choice, but I am curious to hear what readers think. Which cover do you like best? Which one looks the most intriguing—compelling?


  1. I prefer the second (the bridge) because the image is easier to depict and there is a better balance of the various elements. I would not pick up the first, would most likely pick up the second.

  2. Intersting, thanks for the response Wer.

  3. I really like them both! The first one thogh is a little more Mysterious so I think I like it best!

    All the best,

  4. Oh, yeah, I really love the cover for Avempartha!

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