Friday, April 16, 2010

Sorry for the Delay

Life has been hectic.

The Emerald Storm went live a week ago, but from that moment on Robin and I've been slammed. First there was Ravencon, which was immediately followed by a tradeshow, an emergency at Robin's work, taxes, and a dozen other things. (Yes, in addition to editing and publicizing my work and helping other authors, she also has a demanding full-time job--can you believe it?)

The point is, the books are in and the order page for signed copies should be up and active later today, assuming Robin can keep her eyes open long enough to help me with that. She was up doing an all-nighter, but only she knows the arcane magic that allows people to buy my books online.

As part of my sales-pitch to people at signings I jokingly mention that all the books in this series are finished so that even if I were to be hit by a bus, my wife could still put them out and not leave the readers hanging. What I failed to mention is how unlikely it will be for me to put out the rest of the series if anything happened to Robin.

So, sorry for the delay, but think of it this way, you'll have less time to wait for Wintertide once you finish this one.

And thanks to everyone who voted for Avempartha on the BSC Tournament (see posts below.) Polls are still open until 8pm Monday, and this battle is really close. Seems like it is always tied.

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  1. It's okay! I'm also working as a freelance writer at, so be sure i understand you when you say that there is time when you don't want to write. Writers block is not an easy thing to overcome. If you need some time to rest before you start writing a book - it's okay. I hope one day i'm gonna have enough skills to write and publish a book by myself.


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