Monday, August 2, 2010

Wintertide Cover Art

For those of you interested in seeing the whole picture. Below is the art.

And here is the final cover design.

So I suppose I can reveal the spoiler that the fifth book takes place in...winter.


  1. hey, cool. I never got to see the full painting, which is a shame. I like.

  2. Love it - both the original and the final cover!

    And, wow, I never would've guessed that Wintertide happens in WINTER! ;-)

  3. Very nice cover. And winter, the spoiler... can we get more? Please? :)

    Can't wait and so glad to see the cover. I feel one step closer to the book being out.


  4. I see the winter aspect, but where's the tide?

  5. Amazing! I love it. I'm hoping to run your interview on Monday or Tuesday, btw.

  6. Thanks everyone,

    Sorry about the lack of posts, back on editing. This stuff never ends.

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