Monday, October 4, 2010

Wintertide is Now Available

The Kindle and Print versions of Wintertide went live early this morning. Once more due to a minor glitch, the Kindle accidently went live a tad early. I discovered this when a fan wrote me an email late last night to say he thought Wintertide was "outstanding." While I was very pleased to hear he liked the book, I was a bit surprised since the book wasn’t yet released. A quick look revealed the Kindle version was indeed available for purchase.

Discovering this I gave the greenlight to push the print version live as well. I had been holding off until I received the first shipment, but since it was already out on Kindle, it wasn’t fair to leave the print readers waiting. So as of about midnight Sunday the 3rd, Wintertide went live on all platforms. And at that time, with no announcement or even knowledge on my part, over fifty Kindle copies had already been sold.

So those of you who preordered from Amazon, your orders should be shipping now. For those of you who want to order directly from me. You can do so now and receive the books at a special discount by going to this link.

I will also sign and dedicate the books if you like. All you need do is choose from the dropdown list: Sign & Dedication, Sign Only, or Unsigned. If you wanted it dedicated, please type in a name to the Dedication field. Keep in mind that those ordering from me will have their orders slightly delayed as I am waiting for my shipment of books which will not be in until next week. Once I receive them I will sign and then ship them back out to you. As a result you can expect over a week delay in getting your hands on the book. You can also order ebooks from the same link. I can’t sign those, but you can buy them at a discount. These include Kindle and Sony Reader.

Over all I am pleased with how the book came out. I just finished reading through the second printer’s proof last night, and felt the book was in very good shape. It even looked nice sitting on my nightstand. I actually thought that the other day, with this detached sort of observation, as if for that brief moment it wasn’t my book at all. I glanced at it and mused, “That looks interesting. I wonder if it’s any good.”

You will have to let me know.


  1. *throwing Confetti* Yeah! Glad to hear release day has come! Congrats and hope all goes wonderfully, although I am thinking it will. :) Congrats!

    (sorry to hear about the little blip on the kindle edition though.)

  2. Any word on when it will be out on smashwords or in ePub?

    I really can't wait till I read it. There will just be one problem: the next book won't be out for months... I guess there will be time to read them all again.

  3. Be careful when buying "Wintertide" ebook through special offer link. "Emerald Storm" is placed in the cart instead. If you are not careful you will buy the wrong book! Please fix the error.

  4. You can still get the right e-book at:

  5. Perhaps I spoke too soon. I ordered it, it showed the right book, I paid it with Paypal, got a receipt from PayPal but nothing's happened. Not seeing it on my shiny new Kindle...

  6. Zeus, wait a little longer. You should get the ebook emailed within 24 hours.

  7. I can wait until I get my copy!!!!

  8. The problems with the ordering page were fixed -if you got the wrong book by mistake and did not get a Wintertide as well- please email and you'll get the right book- sorry about that.

  9. Congrats, Michael and Robin! Just one more to go (amazing) ...

  10. Just finished Wintertide and it was amazing. All the twists and turns in the plot leave me waiting impatiently for Percepliquis!!!

  11. Your on a roll Mike, nice to see you doing well.
    Give my love to Robin, and call when you get a chance.



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