Saturday, January 1, 2011

The Big Ten Thousand

What is it about round numbers? Why is the year 2000 more significant than 1989 or 2002. Why are ten, twenty, or fifty year anniversaries significant landmarks, where nine, nineteen, and even sixty year anniversaries, aren’t?

Round numbers fascinate people, even scare them. Some people thought the Apocalypse would occur when the calendar turned to 1000, some had similar thoughts in 2000, despite the millennia not starting until 2001. 2001, just doesn’t have the same power. Lots of zeros captivate the imagination and grip us with mystical importance. A million dollars is oh so much better than nine hundred and ninety-nine. Can anyone imagine the Barenaked Ladies singing, “If I had nine hundred and ninety-nine dollars?”

It makes no rational sense. If we used a base-twelve system everything would be different. But here we are ogling multiple zeros as if they were Hooters’s waitresses. Knowing it is completely arbitrary doesn’t help, the siren sound of the aughted milestone is irresistible.

I offer this explanation for the unbridled rapture my wife and I experienced when in December, in the single month, I sold 10,000 books.

This contest came down to the last few days of the month. Robin checked the sales like a woman watching a horserace. I did not actually hear her, but I can imagine she was slapping her laptop and screaming, “Com’on, Crown Conspiracy! Move your butt!” It simply would not have bode well for 2011 if we sold 9,999 by the close of 2010.

As it happens we actually sold 10,526 by the end of the month, but we celebrated when the four zeros rolled up. So Riyria smashed the record, crossed the finish line and gave us another reason to make noise on New Year’s Eve.

Happy New Year, everyone


  1. And to think we knew ya when...

    Congrats. This is really great news.

    Happy New Year.

  2. Thanks Nathan....And while I don't want to "out you" I should say that you're sales have been remarkable as well. Half Share is not even available in print yet, and on kindle has only existed for 10 days it sold more than 1,300 copies and when combined with Quarter Share you sold almost 3,000 copies yourself!! So...Let's get the rest of your Share Series out and you'll be doing 10,000 a month as well...or so predicts me!

  3. I'm guessing this means that Michael will be writing MORE books after Riyria finishes up?

  4. Derrick, are you asking about more "Riyria books" or just more books in general? Riyria was designed as six books so six is what there will be. Michael is currently working on a work entitled Antithisis which is a stand alone fantasy work set in present day.

    There are some "possibilities" to write some "off-shoots" of Riyria but they are nothing more than ideas at this point. Alot depends on what people think/feel after reading Percepliquis.

  5. Oh, I just meant scifi/fantasy writing in general, not Riyria in particular...

  6. Michael has more books in his head then he'll ever have the time to get on paper - so yeah there will be a lot more to come.


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