Saturday, April 30, 2011

Stomping “Scoop” Yeti

Strange title, I know. It’s like three completely unrelated words, and what’s with the quotes?

Some time ago I was approached by a blogger for an interview. That’s been happening a lot lately. This one was focusing on my republication through Orbit.

Two days ago the post went up, although I only saw it today.

At the site, Stomping on Yeti, Patrick posted the interview…and he also posted images of the new Orbit designed covers for the trilogy. As far as I am aware, these have never been made public. I have no idea if Patrick knew he was outing them when he put the piece together, but I suspect he got the art by scanning the newly minted Orbit Fall/Winter catalog where the Riyria Revelations has a nice two-page spread. I never revealed the new art because I was waiting on Orbit, who enjoy unveiling new covers on their site.

I don’t suspect this is a problem as from what I know, Orbit was on the verge of releasing the covers anyway. I should mention however, that the images on Yeti are not the final art, and Patrick was good in placing captions to this effect. Back when Orbit first showed me the covers, I discussed some changes I thought should be made, and at last report, Orbit was working on them. I actually haven’t seen the final product yet, I just know there will be subtle changes to correct obvious mistakes that I know readers will jump on.

So now I hope you understand the title, and hope you like the covers as well.


  1. Yeah, um, those covers are ... AMAZING! Congratulations.

  2. I like the covers...but I always pictured Hadrian as having blonde hair. LOL

  3. Oh we have covers!?! Well. I'm going to have to look into this as I need to share them. :) And at a quick look at his blog they are amazing looking!

    Hope you had a great time doing the interview. :)

  4. I guess I always thought Hadrian would be a bit bigger (but I'm sure he gets that alot).

  5. They look really good! Can't wait.

    By the way, any further word on the Ridan Press final book that "matches" the first ones?

  6. Nothing to add about the Percepliquis only book. It will be released in tandem with the Orbit books.

  7. Wow. Congrats on those covers. I think your series is going to be huge!

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