Saturday, February 4, 2012

Measuring Up

It’s all in the paper.


  1. I believe you have more than measured your worth as a writer. (Hugs)Indigo

  2. I just find it amazing how the books are all different thicknesses.

  3. Wait, there were hardcovers? Where can we buy those from...?

  4. Great picture and timeline ;o). I find the UK Trade Paperbacks really attractive. I've just finished reading your first book. It entertained me and it made me laugh a lot. Thank you. I'm really eager to read the rest. Luckily, the publishing house in Spain will release 2 and 3 this very year. Are you writing anything new now? So nosy.

  5. Babel,
    I hope they translate well. I have no way to check, but the Spanish translator went to great lengths to get it right. We emailed a lot, and she even found some mistakes. As for future works, click on the WIP tab at the top of this window. WIP stands for Works in Progress.

    Thanks for the question. It gives me something to do a full post on. I'll have it up later today or tomorrow.


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