Sunday, March 25, 2012

The Library of Congress Speech

Since I appeared at the Library of Congress a few weeks ago, a number of people have requested I take a moment here and describe how things went. I could have written a blog post on it, but my wife actually took video of much of the event. As You Tube has a length restriction, and as I wouldn’t want to bore you with the entire speech, I decided to provide a heavily edited synopsis. Hopefully this will give you an idea how things went, and what topics were covered.

Keep in mind this is the first time my wife ever used her new Flip camera, and it is my first time editing film with Windows Live Movie Maker. Robin thinks she had the camera on the wrong resolution setting, and the lighting was poor, so I look a bit like I’m in the Witness Relocation Program through the first half.  Also there’s no concern that I’ll be invited to do a Ted talk, for as I mention in the video, I am not a public speaker—but I realize now—I really didn’t need to point that out.

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  1. What a wonderful talk. You were talking pretty fast in the beginning, which I assume was because you were nervous (I talk really fast AND loud when I get nervous), but you got to a nice rhythm and delivered a great talk!

    I really enjoyed hearing your thoughts on all the other authors, and was surprised to hear about Glen Cook. Also had no idea Gilgamesh was the first fantasy SERIES! Hah. Also glad to hear you put into words what I could never seem to do regarding the optimistic view of storytelling versus the bleak.

    Great video, wish we could've seen all of it (check out, I don't think they have limits). Oh, and I love West Wing!


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