Sunday, July 1, 2012

So You Want to Write a Novel

If you’re a writer, or want to be, have access to the Internet and haven’t seen the video So You Want To Write a Novel yet, I have to wonder what rock is presently your home address. It debuted near the end of 2010 and I’m not exactly certain where I first saw it but it seemed everywhere for a while. The video was so ubiquitous I never wrote a post on it before now because doing so would be redundant. Why am I mentioning it now? 

This weekend my wife Robin was invited to speak at the James Rivers Writer’s group in Richmond. She was on a panel discussing self, independent, and big six publishing. Before the show, we went to lunch with the panel’s moderator, a man by the name of David Kazzie. We chatted for a while until at some point the topic of the afore mentioned video came up. 

Robin and I raved about its brilliance and humor. Like the original Star Wars, we’ve both seen it a dozen times and it is still a joy to watch. Not only is it hilarious, but true. I’ve met people like this, something David Kazzie was surprised to discover, because you see, David Kazzie is the genius who created the best talking teddy bear video ever! We were in the presence of greatness. 

We wanted to figure a way to get JRW to show the thing on a giant screen for the audience because it really should be required viewing for anyone thinking about writing a novel. It was too late to find an IMAX screen, which left this blog as my only recourse. So if you haven’t seen it, follow this link to David’s website. If you’ve already had the pleasure…can you believe I met this guy! I only wish there was a way to get his video autographed.


  1. I LOVE this video! I did a blog post about it in Jan 2011, and David Kazzie posted a comment on the entry. I was super excited about that - I think that's akin to getting it signed, right?

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