Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Bull Spec and Flyleaf

This past weekend I was back in my old stomping grounds, North Carolina. Robin and I had lived there for twelve years and it was interesting to be back again, trying to remember things that were only vague recollections.  We started out on Saturday night by meeting with local writers at a dinner hosted by Mark Van Name (a Baen science fiction author).  He has a great house for hosting a party and it was filled with members of SWFA and various local writer critique groups. 

The next day we were in Chapel Hill, North Carolina at Flyleaf Bookstore with fellow Orbit author, T.C. MaCarthy (who was also at Mark’s house the night before) for a dual reading/discussion. This all came about due to the efforts of Sam Montgomery-Blinn, creator of Bull Spec Magazine in conjunction with Flyleaf Books. Together they have been scheduling events with such writers as Brandon Sanderson, Steven Erickson, Michael Chabon, and Brent Weeks.

I met T.C. at Balticon a few months earlier, so it was great seeing him again, and wonderful to met Sam who did such a fantastic job of organizing, presenting, and keeping everyone off their diets.

I did something I rarely do—I read from my books. I don’t think I read well aloud, and have avoided it for the most part. That said, if you’d like to hear me read from the start of Avempartha and witness some of the presentation, the folks at Stuck in Traffic, videotaped the thing and posted it to their site.

The reason I’m making this post however is to thank a young woman who lives in Baltimore who—along with her entire family—came all the way down to Chapel Hill just to see me. (That’s like a five hour drive depending on traffic.) She is a young writer who recently published her first work. This is the sort of thing that makes public appearances worth doing. Thanks so much for coming, Lindsey.


  1. Great story, Michael! Any chance of telling us Lindsay's full name or the title of her book, so we can look it up?

  2. Her name is Lindsey R. Sablowski. Her book is "Cursed with Power" and will be published through Old Line Publishing, expected to be released September 2012 (next month.)

    Click on her name in the post to visit her author site.

  3. First, thanks again for coming to the area for a reading! I'm so glad that Calvin caught the readings on video so that more people could see and hear them.

    A quick clarification, though, about "Together they have been scheduling events with such writers as Brandon Sanderson, Steven Erickson, Michael Chabon, and Brent Weeks." I (or Bull Spec) don't have anything to do with actually scheduling the events other than this one, other than an occasional attempt to be helpful when the bookstores ask who I would like them to bring to town if possible; and the Michael Chabon reading is at Quail Ridge Books in Raleigh.

  4. I had no idea you made a post about this, Michael! I'm really glad I came. I've never gone to see an author at a book signing before, so when I heard about your signing that would be at NC I was thrilled that I could go. You've honestly been such an inspiration -from the words you write to the support you show.

    Thanks so much!

    And I agree with Robin -it'd be great if we could do a book signing together some time :)

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