Sunday, January 13, 2013

Fantasy authors have big hearts...and big ideas

Fantasy authors are amazing.  Not just because they write stories of the fantastical, which inspire and transport us from the hum-drum world that surrounds most of us, but also because they step up to the plate when a call for help goes out.

Having had some experience in self-published community, I've met quite a few talented writers along the years. One is R.T. Kaelin who has written two books (Progeny and Prophecy) which have done quite well so far.  When I recently got an email from him with an idea of how to help victims of Hurricane Sandy I immediately said, "Sign me up." His idea was produce an anthology of short-stories and give all the proceeds to the Red Cross to provide relief for victims of Hurricane Sandy.  Before long R.T. had authors (and some legends in the industry), asking how they could help, and also those raising their hands to provide cover design and editing.  The whole thing came together and in the end 41 authors contributed.  It sells for just $6.99 and so for every copy sold The Red Cross will receive $4.89 and you'll get some great reads to boot! You can purchase the ebook at: Amazon and Barnes &Noble.

I hope you'll buy a copy. Not only will you be getting some great stories to read, but some people who have lost everything will be helped out in the process.

I'd like to also thanks those who contributed to the book's creation including:

Authors: Elizabeth Bear | Mark Lawrence | Robert Silverberg | Michael A. Stackpole | Michael J. Sullivan | Marion Zimmer Bradley | Jean Rabe | Rick Novy | R.T. Kaelin | Ari Marmell | Jaym Gates | Adrian Tchaikovsky | Vicki Johnson-Steger | Maxwell Alexander Drake | Alex Bledsoe | Stephen D. Sullivan | T.L. Gray | Bryan Thomas Schmidt | Donald J. Bingle | Erik Scott de Bie | C.S. Marks | Tobias S. Buckell | Bradley P. Beaulieu | Steven Saus | Gregory A. Wilson | Alex Shvartsman | Addie J. King | Matt Bone | Doris Stever | Marian Allen | Sarah Hans | Rob Rogers | Tim Marquitz | Elisabeth Waters | Janine Spendlove | C.J. Henderson | Philip Athans | Tracy Chowdhury | Bryan Young | SM Blooding | Timothy Zahn

Editors: R.T. Kaelin | Bryan Thomas Schmidt | Sarah Chorn | Rob H. Bedford

Cover: Artwork by Kevin Ward

You guys are the best!


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