Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Time is running out....

I received an update from Shawn Speakman and I'm pleased to announce that the first print run of Unfettered has sold extremely well. Shawn did a 5,000 print run and only 500 copies remain, so if you want to get this extraordinary volume of short stories act soon.  If you aren't aware of Unfettered and what it is let me take a moment to introduce you.  

Shawn Speakman beat cancer not just once but twice. His second time around he did so without health care no insurance company would pick him up. He amassed several hundred thousand dollars of debt and instead of filling for medical bankruptcy, he created an anthology with stories from some of the biggest names in fantasy...and he even let me contribute a story.

Who contributed to the anthology? Well here's the list: 

Terry Brooks | Patrick Rothfuss | Tad Williams | Carrie Vaughn | Jacqueline Carey | Peter V. Brett | Peter Orullian | R.A. Salvatore | Todd Lockwood | Blake Charlton | Daniel Abraham | Kevin Hearne | Mark Lawrence | David Anthony Durham | Jennifer Bosworth | Robert V.S. Redick | Eldon Thompson | Naomi Novik | Robert Jordan & Brandon Sanderson | Michael J. Sullivan | Lev Grossman | Shawn Speakman

For my own part, I wrote a Royce and Hadrian story called "The Jester."  It tells the tales of one of their early adventures, and like any good short story (at least short stories that I like) it has a little moral about the choices we make and the consequences of those choices. 

For those prone to ebook reading...there are copies of that as well, but for those that enjoy paper, and are looking for a collectible item of a very special book for a really great cause...then it just makes sense to pick up a copy before they are gone. The book is sold directly from Shawn's company: Grim Oak Press, and you can get a copy for $35 from here.

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