Monday, November 25, 2013

Happy Birthday Riyria

It's hard to believe by Theft of Swords came out two years ago! A lot has happened since then and to say that the series has exceeded my expectations is an understatement. Technically the series is older than that, as it was first small press published in October 2008, and when disaster struct with the small press, we had to reclaim and self-publish (starting in April 2009). But to me it's the relaunch of the series by Orbit that the series really was born and that was November 23, 2011.

When we started self-publishing, Robin was taking the lead for getting the world out. I remember a cold winter day when we were walking to the Metro that she asked, "So how many copies do I have to sell for you to consider this whole thing a success." 

I thought hard and replied, "Fifty." But then added the qualifier, "But it has to be to people who I don't know and who have never met me."  

"I think I can do that she said." 

While it is difficult to get exact numbers as reporting happens infrequently and in the distant past, I do get periodic numbers from my publisher indicating how many books have sold through ebooks and how many print books have left the warehouse. I also recently got some interesting data on the number of audio books and man - you audio listeners really love the series - so thanks for that.  From the best we can put together it looks like 435,000 English language books have been sold between the self and traditionally published versions.  So yeah, Robin, you beat the 50 I had originally anticipated.

Those numbers are amazing, but the truth is that the outstanding sales of Riyria really has more to do with you, the readers, than anything that I or Robin have done.  I wrote the best books I could, Robin got them in front of a few people, but it is you who have told your friends and family about the books and recommended that they pick them up that made all the difference. Even simple acts like leaving reviews that has shown others that the books are worth taking a chance on is all your doing. So any success the series has enjoyed is your doing - and I give you my heartfelt thanks.

Long story short....I'm thrilled that the books are still going strong, especially since many books have their six weeks in the sun then disappear. I just wanted to take a moment to celebrate this very small milestone and to thank all of you for getting the series to where it is now. I guess it's time to come up with some new milestones to reach.  I'll put my thinking cap on.


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