Friday, July 25, 2014

Goodreads Most Followed

Many years ago I wrote a blog post about sign posts--indicators that you might be getting somewhere with this whole "writing gig."  After writing 25 books (and releasing 9) I still think of myself as the new kid trying to find a place to put my tray in the lunchroom filled with real authors.  How I even got into the school is a mystery, but has a lot to do with me finding an unlocked back door. I see the various cool kid tables and wouldn't dare put my tray down at one of those.  Maybe someday...if I keep at it, but not yet.

So it was funny when Robin mentioned today that I'm one of the most followed people on goodreads (#48 over the last year). 

Now the list only goes to #50, so I'm really near the bottom. But I still find this amazing.  After all other people on the list include:

And of course many more. I'm not sure I deserve to be listed among people, but I certainly am glad for all the readers of my books who have followed me.  I'm assuming they are following me because of my books, it certainly isn't because of my book reviews, which are few and far between.  So thank you fellow goodreaders. You made my day.


  1. You deserve to be on that list much more than some of the authors ahead of you.

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