Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Discover the truth in myths and the lies of legends

That's a tagline I've recently come up with to concisely explain my new First Empire series to existing Riyria readers. For those who have read those books, I "might" have been "less than truthful" about certain events in Elan's past.  Specifically, the legend of Novron/Nyphron and how he saved mankind from extinction and formed the First Empire.

While there is no Royce, Hadrian, Arista, or Esrahaddon, there will be some familiar names including Nyphron, his beloved Persephone, and Mawyndul√ę. Don't remember these people, or how they fit into Elan's past?  No worries, you'll figure it out as reading, and besides, this series is designed to be read by those who haven't read any of the prior Riyria books. That being said, I do like to reward loyal readers, so for those who HAVE read Revelations, you'll get the added benefit of seeing the events in a whole new light. After all, they say,  "History is written by the victorious," and I think that is very true. Exposing the truths that only I know about  is part of what has made writing these books so enjoyable for me.

As to how the project is's doing quite well.  I'm about a month ahead of schedule with regards to finishing the last book. The first book has had two solid beta reads, and the additional changes to it are minor. Robin has a nicely prioritized list, so that should go quickly. And she is going to New York to meet with some of the people at Del Rey to discuss "business."

I can't begin to express how helpful that last part is to me. Just "thinking" about the business side of writing saps me of all creativity and puts me on edge. Not being involved makes me blissfully oblivious and keeps the words flowing, which is good for everyone involved.

On other fronts, I've been using my "afternoon downtime" to work on the plot for the third Riyria Chronicle. It's starting to take shape, and I'm looking forward to diving into it. Given who long I've been in Elan's distant past, it will be nice seeing old friends again.


  1. This feels me with so much joy and excitement! I can't wait to dive into this new series.

  2. Looking forward to the new series and the payoff you hinted at in the last Revelations book that "all is not as you were led to believe." World building is one of the things that attract me the most to fantasy, especially worlds like yours that have sparked my imagination and left me eager to learn more.

    Of course, that leads to inevitable questions like "Hey! What's going on over here?" [points at the Westerlins ... in particular the words "The Lost Lands"] or "What's going on over there?" [points at Trent and the Wilderlands]. I realize I may never get the answers, though. Such is my burden. :)

  3. Awesome. I always felt there was much, much more to the story than you led us to believe in Revelations! Cannot wait. Cannot wait. Cannot wait!

  4. I won an Advance Readers copy of Rhune during a book launch for another author on Facebook. I wanted to thank you for offering it and for signing it for me. It is a wonderful addition to my collection. I am new to your work and have ordered Theft of Swords on Kindle. I am sure I will have questions later as I learn about this world.

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