Thursday, October 15, 2015

Release Day: The Death of Dulgath (ebook edition)

It's been a whirlwind, to be sure. But the ebook version of the next Royce and Hadrian adventure is now live! You can find copies at the following places:

As for the print copies, the files have been sent to the printer and we are waiting on the proofs to roll the presses, so it shouldn't be too much longer on that front.  As for the audio, Tim Gerard Reynolds had to make a hole in his recording schedule (can't NOT have him) and that will be sometime between middle November and Thanksgiving.  Right now it is scheduled to come out December 15th and preorders have been going well.

The Kickstarter and Beta readers got their copies a few days ago, and so far the response has been quite positive.  I hope you'll check it out.

Oh, and if you haven't read the other two Riyria Chronicles, you can pick this one up independent of them. It's written as a standalone book, so don't let that hold you back.


  1. As a long time Riyria fan I am so excited to see what my favorite characters are up to next. Mr. Sullivan never fails to entertain. The best thing about these books is how they stay with you long after you have finished reading them.

    Heather Myst

  2. How do you download the ebook after you bought it?

  3. Hi, I can’t find this book on Kobo (Australia), is there a reason for this?

    I’ve raced through the Ryria Revelations and the first two of this series, and I’m keen to read this book.

    I’ve ordered the PDF through your website anyway but I prefer the Kobo app, putting the PDF onto it is still possible but a bit of a pain #firstworldproblem

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