Tuesday, January 12, 2016

The Death of Dulgath Artwork Earns Best of 2015 Stabby

A huge congratulations to Marc Simonetti whose artwork for The Death of Dulgath won Reddit /r/fantasy's best artwork for 2015!

Marc always does such amazing work and so of course I return to him again and again for covers whenever I can.  What has he done for me to date?

  • French, Hungarian, & Bulgarian editions of The Crown Conspiracy
  • French, Hungarian, & Bulgarian editions of Avempartha
  • French, Hungarian, & Bulgarian  editions of Nyphron Rising
  • English edition of Hollow World 
  • English edition of The Death of Dulgath 
  • English edition of Age of Myth

Marc has created covers for top names in fantasy including: George R.R. Martin, Patrick Rothfuss, Barndon Sanderson, Terry Pratchett, and dozens of others. He truly is one of the best artists working in the business today.

As for the Stabby itself, I was fortunate enough to win one of my own a few years ago.  Here I am wielding it. Like the Gemmell Award it's one of the few trophy you can also defend yourself with--an actual dagger.

Again a big congratulations to Marc, and I'm so pleased to have played a part in this award by asking him to do the artwork for The Death of Dulgath's cover.  I'm looking forward to many more future projects with him.


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  2. The cover art work is beautiful. I can see why Marc is so popular.

    I made the mistake of starting The Death of Duluth on a weekday so I had to kiss two vacation days goodbye but it was worth it. Mr. Sullivan you are a very talented storyteller. Thank you for another excellent adventure.

    Heather Myst

    1. I just purchased a copy of The Death of Dulgath on Amazon for a friend and I was glad to see it has a five star rating on their site. Well deserved.

      Heather Myst


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