Saturday, April 9, 2016

Writers Helping Writers: Brian Rathbone's Kickstarter

Readers of my blog know how much I love Kickstarters and helping fellow authors, so today's post allows me to combine both of these things.  I want to introduce you to the New Voices in Fantasy Fiction - Books with Magic and Dragons project launched by the amazing Brian Rathbone.

For those that don't know, Brian is the best-selling author of the World of Godsend fantasy series. A fellow self-published author, he's done amazingly well with it and is now expanding his universe through a new Kickstarter with three new books in his world. But, the really cool thing about this Kickstarter is Brian one-upped my "Author Helping Author" aspect of The Death of Dulgath. I included a short story by an up-and-commer in that book, but Brian collaborated with two new authors to produce these novels!

Here's a bit about the authors involved:
  • Brian Rathbone - Born and raised on a horse farm in southern New Jersey, Brian Rathbone never did quite fit in--still doesn't. If you need someone to take you on an adventure or to tell terrible dragon jokes, Brian is your man. He lives in the mountains of North Carolina with his wife and some very spoiled cats. 
  • Morgen Rich - Morgen Rich grew up in the southwestern U.S., where the sky reminds humans just how small they really are. She lives mostly in Pennsylvania with her husband and two Great Pyrenees, Bianca and Tahoe. On occasion, she lives in Lincoln, England. Founder of Bookmite Press and a member of the Broad Universe board of directors, Morgen is an active member of the speculative fiction profession. In addition to Ascension, a YA fantasy novel set in co-writer Brian Rathbone's Godsland world, she's also the author of the adult epic science fantasy novels, Incorrigible (2013) and Discordant (2016), both set in her imaginative Shifting Worlds universe.
  • Jack McCarthy - Jack McCarthy was born and raised in Salem, NJ and is a long-time resident of Cleveland, OH. His lifelong path to writing has included: dishwasher, video store clerk, taekwondo instructor, factory assembly worker, telemarketer, casual letter carrier, office temp, door-to-door vacuum cleaner salesman, phone psychic, cashier, gas station manager, flight attendant and software engineer. This combined skill set could belong only to one destined to write fantasy novels.
The Kickstarter is very well thought out, it's goal is very reasonable, and he's got a lot of well-priced reward levels.  Not only that, but he's assembled an amazing team to ensure a high quality release.  Here's some of the people he's brought to the project.
  • Andrea Howe - (Editor and Chief Historian of Godsland)
  • Nick Taylor - (Hardcover Layout and Design)
  • Lawrence Mann - (Artists and Illustrators)
  • Jamie Noble - The Noble Artist (Artists and Illustrators)
  • T-Rex Studios - (Artists and Illustrators)
  • Chris Snelgrove - DarkFireProductions (Voice Artist)
  • Priscilla Hernandez - (Singer / Composer)
  • Steve McCarthy - (Glass Artist)
The Kickstarter has just launched and at present they are already 37% into the $4,000 goal.  So if you like great stories, want to help an author that is helping other authors, and want to make this project a reality, go to this page and pick a reward level you like. I know I'll be backing it.


  1. Michael, thank you for the recommendation. I decided to give these books a try. Sounds like they will be fun to read.

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