Thursday, May 19, 2016

A quick note for Audible listeners in Germany

Hey all, I've been getting some emails from my readers in Germany who want to take advantage of the pre-order promotion that we have going.  When they go to Audible to do the pre-order, they don't find Age of Myth.  I talked to the publisher and apparently there is a technical issue that prevents US audiobooks from showing up until release day.  So, rest assured the book WILL be available, and we'll extend the pre-order promotion to you even though you can't pre-order.  Just make a note when you fill out the survey that says "I'm going to be be getting the German Audiobook" and that's good enough for us to get the bonus material now.  We trust you ;-)

People seem to really be enjoying the pre-order promotion. Robin will provide me with an update on numbers soon.

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